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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Hold-up of the FAA?

I wonder if there's any truth to this... is reporting that Liberal Senators may be threaten to delay the passing of the Federal Accountability Act due to its $1000 limit on donations, as it would directly impact the upcoming Liberal Leadership convention.

The problem isn't the legislation, it's due to the very high fees being charged by the Liberal Party for members to attend the convention. Simple solution... lower your fees. Oops, I forgot... they can't do that, because the point of the high fees is to help the Party pay off their debts. So instead, they'll just delay things in the Senate.

The NDP's Pat Martin is saying the same thing...
For his part, Mr. Martin predicted "the wrath of Canadians" will come down on the Liberals, who have a majority in the Senate, if they do hold up the legislation in the upper chamber after the House "rolled up its sleeves and worked some extraordinary long days" on the bill.

"These senators come from an era of unbridled patronage ... politics. They are no friends of open government, and transparency and accountability run opposite to what they are all about," Mr. Martin added.


  • At Tue. Jun. 20, 12:47:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Alberta Conservative said…

    Leadership convention costs such as hall rentals, AV equipment etc. are excluded in election financing restrictions.

    If the actual cost per delegate is say $400 that amount would be excluded from the $995 entrance fee and the remainder would be considered a donation.

    Bottom line, this will make the Liberals look bad if they try to stall C-2 in the senate.

  • At Thu. Jun. 22, 08:16:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger jdave34 said…

    There are PLENTY of reasons to put the boots to the FAA.


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