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Monday, June 12, 2006

Caledonia - Is it all about blackmail?

Steve Janke has done some digging, and thanks to the arrest warrents now out for several of the native protesters, some interesting connections are surfacing. Ken Hill is one of those for whom a warrent has been issued... an interesting fellow this one. Seems he's a well established business man connected to the reserve. So what on earth was he doing on the blockade? Steve has a few questions... did this Ken have plans for the land that Douglas Creek Estates messed up by getting authorization to start developing it? Could this be the source of all these protests?
"Is Ken Hill still trying to make it into the lucrative world of reserve gaming, the bricks-and-mortar kind? Is he looking at the Douglas Creek Estates land as a potential site for a casino?

For a businessman with significant responsibilities, it seems strange for Ken Hill to be engaging in riots and assaulting people -- unless there was something in it for him.

Something big."

UPDATE: There seem to be even more connections.


  • At Mon. Jun. 12, 01:48:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Ottawa Core said…

    steve gets his conjecture from a spambot named skyclad. he/she/it suggests the land claims are to construct a casino or bingo hall on the native land. he/she/it also suggests the commissioner of the OPP is a full blood mohawk. with that i beg you not consider the rest of he/she/it's claims.

  • At Mon. Jun. 12, 02:20:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    I got that comment from "skyclad" too... and I ignored it as a random "ranting" (or planting of info, who knows...)

    I'm going more on the apparent connections that Steve has uncovered since then. Steve seems to have some sources too, various articles from CTV, etc...

    I post it for your consideration, not because I necessarily believe it all.

  • At Mon. Jun. 12, 11:41:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Lady of Gray said…

    None of the information about Mister Hill is any secret nor anything underhanded. Yes Mister Hill is a business men who does quite well for himself and has a history of giving a heck of a lot back to his community and people. However to make these sort of connections between his business interests as the motivation behind what is happening in Caledonia is pretty ridiculous and shows much ingnorance to the larger issues these people are fighting form as well as lack of understanding on how the community actually works in terms of decision making and such.

    There are *many* successful business people who are supporting the struggle for recoginition of the land issue. Just because someone has money or makes a lot of money doesn't mean that lose the ability to work outside their own individual self interest.

    The land in question is considered by the protesters to be not only part of their legal claim but also sacred because it is considered a burial place. They are not considering building much of anything there let alone a casino. Try to imagine what would happen if some rich dude came to build on one of our local cemetaries and you'll get some light into how people feel about it.

    This is part of the story that is getting lost especially such interesting tidbits surrounding the developers actions when it comes to confirming one way or another the claims of a 'burial site.'

    I'll be very clear I do not in anyway condone the assults that have taken place, but don't in anyway consider that the actions of these few people are what everyone is like. These incidents are things that should not have happened and from what I have been told the communtity is dealing with them in this light.

    And just to give you and insight into my motivations for responding to this particular posting. I am non-native and as this blog owner is am Christian. As such I believe strongly in justice and in compassion for my neighbors whomever they may be. I also believe that part of dealing with this mess is to keep focus on the truth and to hear as much as possible from all sides of the dispute with as open mind as possible.
    If we don't resolve this is a way that perhaps is 'new' in our joint Canadian history or it's pretty much guarentee similar situations will happen again and again and again. I agree with the sentinments expressed by many of the Calendonians during this dispute, it's time that we all buck up and deal with the long and outstanding issues. The term 'peacemaking' in it's broadest sense comes to mind. Peacemaking is a messy business that does not call for an outright condemnation of any of the groups involved.

    There is absolutely no denying that what is happening in Halimand county right now is complex, with numerous parties and agendas involved, and histories that go back ages. What I hope (first that this comment will stay posted :) ) is that people reading this or have interest will delve deeper into the history behind things like this and realize that this situation is part of a larger story with connections both past and present beyond Caledonia.

    Also *please, please* do not depend on just the mainstream media and assume you are getting all of the story. It is only part of it. I don't want to get into an arguement about bias etc. etc. etc. This statement is more about the problems of trying to condense an issue, into it's most basic terms to fit into the space guidelines for an article as well as just a general focus on the more sensational aspects that make exciting news. ( I work with the media, it's just the nature of the biz. ;) )

    Thanks and have a good evening.

  • At Sat. Jul. 15, 03:51:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    just an observation but there seems to be a disconnect between the ideals of "our life's focus is on giving all Glory to Jesus Christ" and the reality that you're using your blog for groundless speculation that another person's intensions are less than honourable - even by the somewhat distancing method of cross-posting the gossip. Sorry. 'just saying, brother. :| btw, i've taken the time to go to the reclamation site a number of times and met people. i've also been right up to the police line during the infamous "Bread and Cheese Fight" a.k.a "digging up the road day". So, having listened to the concerns of both sides and having spent time with both sides while under pressure I have to say that I would be very, very slow to criticize the Natives. Christian, I think this is our chance to actually live out a modern day story of the Good Samaritan by helping the hurting not maligning them. Peace, brother.

  • At Sat. Jul. 15, 03:57:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Your admonishment is taken to heart. Thank you.

  • At Sat. Jul. 15, 04:37:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you're welcome. don't beat yourself up. ;) peace, brother. :) acwd


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