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Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup 2006 - CBC has nice setup

I had CBC's World Cup "Live Tracker" page minimized on my desktop, so I could check the score of the USA vs. Czech gane from time to time. I'm working away on imaging a new PC image at the bench behind my desk, when all of a sudden, I hear this cheering noise coming from somewhere...

It was the CBC Live Tracker... it plays the sound of a cheering crowd every time a goal is scored. Totally cool if you ask me. I can be working on anything in my office, and I'll always know when a goal's been scored!

But maybe not so cool if you're watching the score at work and you're trying to do it on the QT... you know, those pesky I.T. type guys watching your every move and such. (Mua ha ha ha...)

One employee here commented on it the other week when she caught my boss showing people a video on his PC... "So you mean there's two sets of rules? One for I.T. and one for the rest of us?"

Yea... so?

Anyway, copy the link above, and create a new shortcut on your desktop with it, so you can jump direct to it, instead of having to go through the CBC main page.

Grrr... Italy's up 1-0...


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