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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Strategic Counsel - "PM COULD LOSE HIS OWN SEAT"

HELLO?!?!?!? What do we have here? Buried amidst the other election stories on CTV is a new poll from the Strategic Counsel shows the Tories trailing nationally by only 4%... TIED AT 37% support if you take Quebec out of the numbers! And deep down in the story is this little gem...
Traditionally, anglophone sections of Montreal have been Liberal strongholds and have accounted for most of the party's support in Quebec. According to The Strategic Counsel's data, however, the Bloc is almost twice as popular in Montreal as the Liberals.

"With the current numbers that they are polling in Quebec, the Liberals would be reduced to seven seats and this number would not include Mr. Martin's own seat," Woolstencroft said. "Right now, there's a risk that the PM might lose his own seat."
Make sure this one gets publicized people!


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