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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Playing the PM Forever Game

In PM Forever, I had fun playing as Paul Martin. I stuck him in the Far North for a while, but then Jack took the lead in BC. So I sent the PM there, changed all his policy stands to the FAR LEFT, and made sure he made major speeches on low priority issues, thus spliting the left vote, thereby the Tories took BC too. Final seat standings come election night...

Conservatives - 197
NDP - 30
BQ - 71

and the Liberals? 5... with 4 of them in Montreal (but the PM lost his seat)

Funny enough, their only other win was in Sask. Go figure!

But make sure you download the demo from CBC, the one from the company website will only let you go through 2 weeks of the campaign! (the special CBC demo will let you go all the way to election day, Jan 23, 2006)


  • At Sat. Dec. 24, 09:40:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Blake said…

    Hey, great link! I just finished a whole campaign as Harper, and actually managed to win a majority. I didn't win a single seat in Quebec, although one of my targeted seats was in N-E Quebec, which I thought was very winnable. I guess I was wrong.

    I ended up with 160 seats. My first speech was about corruption, and the people really responded well to it. Although I ended up getting hammered in Vancouver. Martin kept self-destructing and scandals kept erupting, and I always spun them fairly well. And then he'd go negative on me, and everybody'd get ticked off at him, even though one of my themes was negative on Martin. My energy level was only 13% at the end of the campaign, but I managed to eke it out.


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