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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Paul Wells doesn't believe a word Martin says

Yikes. Read all about it in his Maclean's article here.

The jist of the article... Paul Martin will say ANYTHING that sounds good to get re-elected, EVEN IF IT'S NOT TRUE.

Paul Wells says that Martin introduced NOTHING new with his handgun ban, and in reading this article, he's right... I had no idea! The new handgun "BAN" WILL NOT REDUCE THE GUNS OUT THERE BY EVEN ONE HANDGUN! Did you know that? Did the media report that fact?

Paul Wells said that Paul Martin was being completely misleading and verging on hypocritical in his "global consience" statement.

The title of the article? "Gaseous Emissions", referring to Paul Martin's statements... all hot air, no substance.

But here's the worst part. He basically says that we Canadians are dumb enough to vote for the guy anyway, just because we don't like the alternative.

And I'm worried he might be right.


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