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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Anonymous Comment

Someone left a little note for me in the comments...
Christianity is a disaster. Made in the name of someone who was dead ages ago stands there only to make people feel guilty from the day they are born.

Respect for Mother Earth is the only way out from the disaster that your kind has caused.
Wow. A very quick reply...

1) TRUE Christianity is quite wonderful, actually
2) Jesus is ALIVE, not "dead ages ago"... The Apostle Paul said "If Christ be not raised, your faith is in vain."
3) Guilt... that wonderful gift that God uses to point out that we ARE infact, sinners, and have rejected His authority over our lives. Guilt is needed to prove to us who we really are, and to prove to us our need for salvation through the free sacrificial gift of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. We feel guilty from the day we are born because we are born sinners.
4) Mother Earth does not exist... however, I will not argue against the fact that we have been poor stewards of what God has entrusted us with. I am 100% in favour of protecting the enviornment, but 100% AGAINST Kyoto because Kyoto is a wealth redistribution scheme, NOT an enviornmental protection plan.
5) Many have caused problems in the past by using Christianity to further their own ends, NOT to tell others of God's love to us in Christ. Please don't lump all of us into that boat.

Remember... "Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord"


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