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Thursday, December 08, 2005

CTV Reporting more on Income Trust Scandal

Here's the link to CTV's latest report.
But a representative of Canada's most influential seniors' lobby group says he got a phone call on the morning of Nov. 23, several hours before the markets closed, and before Goodale made his announcement.

Protocol is that a finance minister never gives word of a policy change while the markets are still open.

"The day they made the announcement they phoned us and said something is going to be said," the associate executive director of Canada's Association for the Fifty Plus, William Gleberzon, told CTV News.

Gleberzon said the call came from a senior policy advisor in the finance minister's office.

When asked what exactly he was told, Gleberzon indicated the specifics were vague, but the underlying message was clear.

"They said something was going to be announced later in the day. And we assumed that if they told us that ... it would probably be something we'd be happy with."

Can you deny it any longer Mr. Goodale? CALL IN THE COPS!


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