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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nothing to see here... move along...

The Liberals just announced their Child Care platform. No changes, just an extension... instead of spending $5 billion over 5 years, they will spend $11 billion over 10 years.

The headlines are saying "Liberals to double child care funding". Ammm, duh, I'm not to good at math, but wouldn't "doubling" mean $10 billion over 5 years?

Once again, they're misleading you. LIBERALS, WE CAN SEE THROUGH YOUR HOLLOW PROMISES... YOU HAVE NOT PROMISED ANYTHING NEW HERE TODAY, but we all know the media will make it look like that. If the media is honest, they will CLEARLY point out that no new money has been promised today. If not, they are being dishonest.

I think everyone will see through this one. Like Garth is saying, people like Harper's $1200 per year idea. For those who have institutionalized child care spaces, it's $1200 to help them out with their portion of the tab. For those who choose non-institutional home daycares, it's $1200 to help out with their tab. For those who choose to raise their own kids at home, it's $1200 to help out with their own expenses.

Day one, Week 2, Harper is up once again. Can't wait to see what Warren has to say about it!

UPDATE: The CBC has a good headline, "Liberals to extend child-care plan". CTV is a little more misleading, "Liberals offer an extra $6 billion for day care"... people will be less likely to notice that it's over twice as many years. But I guess it makes sense since a CTV boss is a major campaign guy for the Liberal's.


  • At Tue. Dec. 06, 11:08:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't let anyone be too distracted with the amounts and number crunching.(Dryden and his quantum thing...what is that supposed to mean??)Bottom line are the principles behind the budgeting. Liberals want to institutionalize kids and take control of child care from parents. Conservatives are recognizing parents choices.Do Canadians want the same group that messed up the HRDC and gun registry to be looking after children.THAT"S SCARY!!VF


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