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Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Good Day

I took a couple of pages out of Garth Turner's book today... I got new boots, and I was out canvassing. Like Garth is finding, I ran into no sworn Liberals (but two suspected ones), and a half dozen Conservative supporters, including two twin brothers who live two doors down from each other, who both made up their minds on the spot and said "I'm leaning Conservative... scratch that, put me down as voting for you guys." It was a weird deja vu kinda thing... they were even wearing similar outfits... Also had two requests for lawn signs, and one possible new volunteer.

At work the other day, I got to talking to this one lady. She said she voted Liberal last time around... but not this time. She's voting Conservative. My wife ran into another FORMER Liberal the other day... they've turned Tory too. Guelph is gonna be close come election night...

Speaking of which, I'm wondering what plans people are making for E-Day results. I'm sure most of us will be hunkered down in various campaign offices, and I'd like to start making some contacts with others so we can share results as they come in... keeping in compliance with the Elections Act, of course. Once the various polls close, we can start sharing results with other closed polls via MSN, and then when BC closes, how about posting them to a forum so we can all monitor? If anyone has something in the works, please let me know. If you have MSN, and want to LEGALLY share info on E-Day when polls close, drop me a line.


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