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Friday, May 27, 2011

Change Ahead - The Ontario PC Convention

If you can't make it to this weekend's Ontario PC Convention, HAVE NO FEAR! They're webcasting it LIVE right here...!

And keep your eye on my Twitter feed, @ChristianConsrv as I'll be liveblogging/tweeting the event!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Canadian Government Funding Blasphemy

UPDATE: The band and the record label have voluntarily withdrawn the album, and have returned the taxpayer funding for the project. They're intending to re-release the album in a non-taxpayer funded format... as is their right. It's still a piece of blasphemy, but now I simply pray for their souls. :END UPDATE

In a word, DISGUSTING... the Canadian Government has (perhaps unwittingly, I'll grant that) provided over $14,000 to fund a punk album that openly mocks Islam, running the risk of riots from coast to coast.

Oh, did I say "Islam"? I meant "Christianity". (now watch how fast the Left goes from righteous anger to excusing religious intolerance... in 3, 2, 1...)

So, now that it's open season for Government funding on faith, does that mean someone can now apply for funding from the Government of Canada to openly mock Islam's "prophet" Muhammad? I think we all know the answer to that... ABSOLUTELY NOT, and that's EXACTLY how it ought to be. Free speech is one thing, but TAXPAYER FUNDING for things that openly mock the faith of others IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, regardless of who's faith is under attack.

There is only ONE acceptable answer to this... the funding needs to be revoked and/or immediately repaid to the Government, and the bureaucrat who authorized this expenditure MUST BE CLEARLY DEALT WITH, with a clear and public apology for his/her insensitive and idiotic decision. A clear message needs to be sent... RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE IS UNACCEPTABLE IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT OF THIS NATION. And if they refuse to apologize... FIRE THEM.

AND... I fully expect ALL PARTY SUPPORT FOR THIS. Your first chance to do the right thing, Mr. Opposition Leader.

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Saturday, May 07, 2011

My CPC Seat Prediction was... 162

And my friends thought I was nuts... who'da thunk I'd guessed TOO LOW. Final result: 167.

Post-Election review hopefully coming early next week, once I've caught up on a few things.

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