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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Oh my... remember how the "Dean Scream" scuttled Howard Dean's 2004 bid for the Democratic nomination?

Now we have Michael Ignatieff... and the IFFY SCREAM.

My newest prediction... NO ELECTION. Thanks Iffy!!!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Liberals GOOF with response attack ads, will only HELP Harper and the CPC

I'd like to take a moment to thank the Liberal Party of Canada for putting together their latest ads... ads which will HELP the Conservative Party of Canada!

I'm so tickled by them, I'm even posting one of them here... take a look and see if you can see what I see...

Do you see it? Thought you might... but just in case you didn't, I'd like to once again thank the Liberal Party of Canada FOR CLEARLY REMINDING CANADIANS THAT HARPER IS INDEED IN CHARGE, AND REINFORCING HIS "STRONG LEADER" CREDENTIALS TO THE CANADIAN PUBLIC!!!

Did you guys SERIOUSLY think that this would actually HURT the Prime Minister? You've reminded Canadians that he's a strong leader... and unintentionally reminded Canadians that you've got a big DOOFUS running your Party!!!

Canadians are NOT stupid... they'll make the connection. And by simply running our ads again, or with a couple new ones, that point will be CLEARLY drilled home. Yes, your ads will appeal to the Harper haters, but WON'T have the desired effect on the fence sitters... ones who've been warming to Harper over the last five years.

Perhaps "warming to Harper" isn't quite it... I'd say they're more likely RUNNING AWAY IN DISGUST from the guys you keep putting in the "Leaders" chair.

Plus one final detail... fighter jets ARE COOL. And I LOVE the sound effects you've put to the ad... the sound of roaring fighter jets is only going to lock up for us the votes of every military related family from coast to coast!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CBC seeking to protect Ignatieff, files complaint about our ads

If anyone had any doubts about the CBC's loyalties, wonder no longer...
MONTREAL — The CBC is demanding the Conservatives withdraw file footage from the national broadcaster that appears in new Tory ads targeting their political opponents.

The Conservatives did not seek permission to use CBC content in three ads that were posted online and broadcast on TV on Monday, says CBC spokesman Marco Dube.

Three of the ads include footage broadcast on CBC. Two of the English ads feature comments current Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff made in 2001 and 2005, while a French one includes remarks by Justin Trudeau speaking unflatteringly about Ignatieff during the 2006 Liberal leadership race.
That's right... the CBC is seeking to ensure that the Tories can't use the file footage of Ignatieff's quotes, or Trudeau's quotes attacking Ignatieff. Quotes that happen to be embarrasing for the Liberal leader... and the CBC is running interference for him.

I've been publicly opposed to privatizing the CBC... but with partisan moves like this, I'm starting to rethink that position.


Ignatieff Rally: Liberal supporter shouts "KILL HIM!" when Iggy mentions John Baird?!?!?

Are you kidding me? At Iggy's first rally of the year, not even a week after the reprehensible shooting of a US Congresswoman, a Liberal supporter shouts "KILL HIM!" when Ignatieff mentions The Hon. John Baird, Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean.

Don't believe me? SEE IT FOR YOURSELF... start at the 0:30 second mark, and listen for the disgusting comment at 0:46 seconds.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff MUST be called on to distance himself from that reprehensible comment IMMEDIATELY, especially after the shootings in Arizona. While the common barbs and thrusts of politics are to be expected, calls for the death of an opponent ARE BEYOND THE PALE.

UPDATE: Video clip has been downloaded, just in case the Liberals pull the clip down.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tories launch pre-emtive strike in hopes of avoiding a spring election

Why are we launching ads now? "Spending our money, so THE OPPOSITION won't spend yours" is probably the best way to sum it up for Joe Canadian.

By launching these attack ads now, we're hoping to drive Ignatieff's numbers down a little further, thus giving the Liberals pause before they decide to bring down the House over the next Budget. By spending a little bit of our own Tory war chest now on these ads, I believe the hope is that we'll help taxpayers avoid spending $350+ MILLION dollars on an unwanted and unnecessary premature election this spring.

How's that for a responsible political Party? We're actually spending a little of OUR OWN MONEY, in order to save taxpayers MILLIONS. The Liberals? They want to blow your money on an election that will change nothing (other than their leader), and to hang on to the MILLIONS they're getting in political subsidies, again from the taxpayer's pockets.

So check out the ads for yourself... and I suppose I should say, "You're Welcome Canada!".

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

VIDEO: "Enter the (Political) Matrix"

Got an e-mail from Tyrone, with a heads up on another winner of a spoof... this time with "Joe Canadian" as Neo, and PM Harper as Morpheus from the Matrix. Enjoy!

Also saw this one on his page, pretty funny... I've never been much of a Monty Python fan, but I still enjoyed it. Those of you who are Python fans should enjoy it even more.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iffy playing Chess while Harper's playing "Global Thermonuclear War"

Hope you all catch the "WarGames" reference, and I hope no one accuses me of inciting someone to drop a nuke on Iggy's head...

Gerry Nicholls, whom I've disagreed with in the past on a fairly regular basis, has a FANTASTIC article in today's Globe & Mail, and has summed up my long-held belief on what needs to happen for Canada to truly grow and prosper... the destruction of the ideological J-E-LL-O Party, the Liberal Party of Canada.

Here's his intro...
Here’s some free advice for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Okay, that’s more like a warning than advice, but it’s a warning Mr. Ignatieff should heed. He needs to understand that while he’s playing political chess, his opponent, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is waging total war.

To be blunt, Mr. Harper’s ultimate strategic goal really isn’t to win a majority government – it’s to eradicate the Liberal Party as a viable political force.

Sound overly dramatic? Well, consider the well-documented ruthlessness of Mr. Harper’s political style. Consider, too, that he’s a master tactician who likes to concoct long-term strategies. And, finally, consider the fact that he just doesn’t like Liberals. It all adds up to a prime minister who’s capable, willing and able to take out Canada’s “natural governing party.”
UPDATE: The campaigning begins?

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PM taking aim at party subsidies in next election

I guess you could call it a warning shot across the bow of the Opposition parties... "You guys force an election, and we'll take away the wasteful per vote funding after we win."

The Right Hon. Stephen Harper has said that campaign finance reform, specifically the removal of the per vote subsidies, will be part of our platform in any upcoming campaign. That oughta get Duceppe and the Bloc searching for ways bend over backwards in order to support us.

For context, think about this figure for a moment... $54 MILLION. That's how much the Opposition Coalition has cost Canadian taxpayers since they blocked the cutting of the subsidy when we first proposed it in 2008.

Here's another figure... $330 MILLION. That's how much an unnecessary election will cost should the Opposition force one upon us.

But we're ready... so are Canadians. I think they're getting sick of this never ending election cycle, and are ready for us to make our case for four years of good Conservative government and Conservative economic stability.

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Iffy blaming Harper for Global Economic Downturn?

Talk about fear-mongering desperation... Ignatieff is trying to tell Canadians that Harper is somehow to blame for the impact of the Global Economic Downturn. That's right... "Lost your job? Blame Harper!" Or, "Didn't get a raise? Blame Harper!" Or, "Your dog died? BLAME HARPER!"

Check header for their new campaign flyer that's going out...
Read more here.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Iffy on the Budget: "You shall not pass!!!"

LOL, another Lord of the Rings adaptation that perfectly captures the Canadian political scene...

I'm keeping a daily eye on this guy's channel now...

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Iffy channels Gollum?

Anyone know who this Tyrone Fife guy is? He's come up with another brilliant one on YouTube, this time with Ignatieff channelling Tolkin's Gollum, lusting after "The Precious"... 24 Sussex.

Ironically, I just watched the movie the other day, so the timing on this one is pretty funny!

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Trump to Obama: "YOU'RE FIRED"

Rumours are swirling... Trump may be taking a run at the GOP nomination in order to go toe-to-toe against Obama in 2012.

I can see his entire advertising campaign already. Trump sitting at a boardroom table, talking about all state of the US economy, and all the failures of the Obama Administration... and then turning to the camera and saying "Obama... America has a message for you. On November 6th... YOU'RE FIRED!"

Sorta like this video here... [WARNING: the guys who produced the video have a somewhat offensive name tagged on to their video... so viewers be advised]

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Texting while driving

Something to think about...


Ignatieff channels Capt. Jean Luc Picard? FAIL

LOL. As a Star Trek fan, I recognized this scene right away... it's from "First Contact", when Picard is railing against the Borg, saying "This far, NO FURTHER!"

So the Tyrone guy has just adapted the scene to Ignatieff and Harper... with a slightly humourous and accurate political adaptation.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Our Political Leader's Theme Songs

Buddy of mine sent this my way... pretty fun. If all our political leaders had a theme song, what would it be? Of course, I don't think Harper deserves to get "The Imperial March", but even I had to smile. I think this Tyrone guy's got the other leaders pretty much nailed... and I LOVE Lizzy May's!

Jack Layton


Elizabeth May

Stephen Harper

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