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Friday, October 29, 2010

Liberal Senator to Iggy: "Go fly an F-35"

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny says that the Harper Government is making the correct decision regarding the procurement methods for the F-35... and that Iffy's position on trying to secure a lower price by opening up the bid to competition "doesn’t make sense". (and that's a DIRECT quote, for my Liberal readers)

And just in case anyone's wondering about his credentials, he's the former chair of the Senate’s National Security and Defence Committee... for eight years.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Downtown Toronto gives the ROC the finger

Take a good look at the electoral map for Toronto's election, and tell me what it looks like to you...

Yup... once again, Downtown Toronto gives everyone else the finger.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ignatieff to cancel F-35, CPC poll numbers in Quebec about to take off

For a guy who's having trouble getting his poll numbers up in Quebec, you'd think he'd avoid talking about killing the Canadian aerospace industy, a MAJOR employer in La Belle Province.

Add to that the fact that it's the Sea King fiasco all over again... how much has that political blunder cost us again? If this gets spun right, look for Iffy to take a SERIOUS hit in the upcoming by-election in Quebec... which pundits were predicting the Liberals might have taken from the Bloc, at least before this gaffe. Also look for the CPC to get a slight uptick there as they stand in defence of the Canadian aerospace industry.
Iggy says he will scrap F-35 jet deal
By BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau
Last Updated: October 27, 2010 6:06pm

OTTAWA — Canada’s aerospace industry would lose billions in contracts if the F-35 fighter jet contract were to be cancelled, according to documents obtained by QMI Agency.

A copy of the Memorandum of Agreement that jet maker Lockheed Martin uses with its Canadian suppliers states clearly that Canada must be a partner in the Joint Strike Fighter program for Canadian suppliers to be able to bid.

In a section on requirements for a supply contract to remain in force, the memo lists several stipulations including: “C. the Government of Canada remains a Level 3 participant and procures JSF Aircraft as currently reflected in the JSF PSFD MOU dated December 31st, 2006.”

The document was provided to QMI Agency by an industry source on the same day Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff promised to cancel the order of 65 jets if he forms government after the next election.

“We would cancel the accord reached by the Conservative government in July,” Ignatieff told reporters after the Liberal Party’s weekly caucus meeting.

The Liberals point to the auditor general’s report detailing cost overruns and delays in the purchase of military helicopters as their reason for deciding they would cancel the jet purchase. Ignatieff has promised that if he becomes prime minister, he would also hold a competition to choose the replacement for the CF-18s which were supposed to be replaced starting in 2003.

Under the current agreement to purchase 65 jets at a cost of $9 billion, Canada’s aerospace industry is eligible to bid on sub-contracts for the 3,000 to 5,000 jets that are scheduled to be built. The industry estimates that could return $12 billion in contracts to Canadian aerospace firms.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

UPDATE: My "Sign Theft in Cambridge" Post

Now how's this for a world class kinda guy... Andrew Johnson himself called me up, and asked me to take down my posting about the sign theft antics going on in Cambridge.  He wants to take "the higher road", and doesn't want ANYONE taking his opponents, or their supporters, to task for the tactics they're using during the campaign.

So, as per his request, I've taken it down.  It's seldom that you see a guy with that kind of integrity anymore.  His request today makes me proud that I've cast my ballot for him... ANDREW JOHNSON FOR MAYOR!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Liberals showing desperation, back in Guelph today

It's really a telling sign that Liberal leader is once again in Guelph, for the third time in as many months... actually, I think it's his fourth time in three months.

Why? It's obvious... they're concerned they're going to lose the riding next time around. They're not gaining any traction in the polls, the Economic Action Plan is having an impact in Guelph, and they have an ineffective Member of Parliament in Frank Valeriote, who is one of the House of Common's top absentee voters. (And the local paper's attempt at an excuse for him, claiming it might be due to his committee work falls flat, since all votes are scheduled in advance, and all committee meetings are suspended when the call for a vote occurs)

With an MP like Frank, it's no surprise that Iggy's having to make so many appearances in town. But add to the fact that Iggy will be forced to resign after the next election if he suffers ANY seat losses in places like Guelph, it's no surprise that he's spending so much time desperately trying to hang on to "safe" Liberal seats like Guelph.

UPDATE: Interesting, apparently Iggy is using a taxpayer funded school to help promote washed up candidates like former MP Karen Redman... who's riding is over 40kms away. I can understand having the local MP Frank Valeriote up on stage with him, but to use a taxpayer funded school in a partisan effort to help out a has-been candidate from far away?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Toronto Star publishes false story, but are we even surprised anymore?

Today, the Toronto Star (aka - The Red Star) got caught red handed publishing a completely false story about adding strippers and escort jobs on Canada's Job Bank listings.

I'm not normally one for posting the "Talking Points", but I got a copy of these forwarded to me, and figured I'd post them as is for your consumption:
Toronto Star story completely false

A story in today's Toronto Star, under the byline ‘Richard J. Brennan’ states our government is changing the policy on what careers will be posted on the federal government’s Job Bank website. The story makes the completely false claim that “the Conservative government wants to help unemployed Canadians find careers as strippers and for-hire escorts.”

This story is completely and utterly false. In fact, the “draft note” cited by the reporter has not been seen by Minister Finley’s office, nor would it ever have been a policy under consideration by our government.

Even more shocking, despite citing several reactions from opposition and stakeholders in the erroneous story, the reporter did not even call Minister Finley’s office for a response.

If he had, he would have learned that there is absolutely no basis in fact to claim this is government policy.

It is the height of irresponsible journalism to accuse the government of changing a policy without contacting the government itself for confirmation or comment.

It is sad that Canadians are subjected to such a lack of journalistic integrity, and that a major Canadian newspaper would give a story such prominence without first verifying the facts.

Because of this blatant lack of journalistic standards, Minister Finley’s office will be registering a formal complaint with the Ontario Press Council, the Parliamentary Press Gallery and the Public Editor of the Toronto Star.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Liberal MP Shawn Murphy to retire

Friday, October 08, 2010

RMR - Whipped Votes

Rick Mercer strikes again...

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Clever move by candidate, creates tutorial video for new voting process

Not a bad move by Centre Wellington Ward 6 candidate Mike Wisniewski!

Center Wellington, in an effort to try and boost voter participation, has moved to a new mail-in ballot, as opposed to the good old voting booth on Election Day, October 25th.  Well, one media savvy candidate has gone and put together a video on how the new process works, and thrown it up on YouTube for the benefit of his Ward 6 voters.  Good move!  Catchy tune too...

He's also got a good presence on Facebook, whereas his opponent is nowhere to be found online, not even a placeholder website. Sorry dude, but in the 21st century, 19th century campaign practices are so, well... 19th century.


Monday, October 04, 2010

Pro-life protesters jailed... Shame on Carleton University

A disgusting display of hypocrisy by Carleton University... a place where thug-like tactics of the left are rewarded, and where peaceful and meek protectors of the unborn are thrown into the back of the paddy wagon.

I am privileged to know Nicholas, one of the young men arrested today.

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