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Thursday, June 05, 2008

My newest discovery... JUNKYARDS

My A/C died on my VW Golf, so I decided to take a look under the hood today to see if I could see anything obvious... a disconnected cable, etc.  Well, I found a completely different problem instead... a broken air breather hose.  (my engine has hesitated a couple times recently, I thought it was just time for some new plugs and a tune-up)

Anyway, went over to my local dealer for the part, figured I'd be $20 or something.  WRONG... try $66, plus tax.  And that's just for the part.

Checked a couple local after-market parts stores, best price was $50, with delivery tomorrow.  Decided to check with a local old-timer garage, who's got a solid reputation with VW's.  Anyway, he suggests an auto-wrecker just outside of town.  So, I called into work, told them I was taking the rest of the day off, and went for a drive.

Walked into your stereotypical junkyard office, with a dozen or so car radios stacked on a shelf to my left, with various and sundry parts laying all over the place.  A funny sign hung behind the desk... "Prices subject to change based on customers attitude".  Made me smile.  Anyway, they had me sign in, told me that they had a couple of my make and model, and where to find them.

Took a while, but found them... two Golf's, one with my engine, and various Jetta's.  And not only did I find my part, but it looks like the guy (or gal) had it replaced not long before they junked the car.  So, I got my hose, plus an ashtray that I lost eons ago, and the passenger seat adjuster knob that broke three years ago.  And newish rear wiper to boot.

The cost?  Ten bucks for the whole lot... plus tax.  $11.30 and a little elbow grease (and engine grease) later, and I'm all ship shape.

Think I'm heading back there soon, I saw some nice and new looking premium spark plug cables... and I forgot to swipe a new radio knob.


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