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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

McGuinty Lockout vs. Hudak Walkout

After Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty "locked out" the Ontario public by refusing calls for public hearings on the HST, the Hudak Tories called attention to the issue by staging a walkout at the Ontario Legislature during Question Period yesterday.

Kinda frames the debate quite well I think... a McGuinty Lockout, vs. a Hudak Walkout. Cudos again to Hudak & Co. for keeping the public's interests front and centre.

While my views on the HST are well known (not a big deal to me, I agree with the Federal Tories and Federal/Provincail Liberals on this file), I do appreciate the lenghts that Team Hudak are going to in an effort to ensure that our voices are clearly heard. This IS of course an effort to collect more taxes, based on the fact that the new harmonized rate will be a staggering 13%. If this was REALLY about returning Ontario to our place as the economic engine of the country, (where we were during the Harris years, if I recall correctly...) the McGuinty Liberals would be talking about reducing the PST rate at the same time that they implement the HST... more like 12% or even 11%. Now THAT would give the economy a kick-start, no?

Either way, a good show by the Ontario Tories for keeping this issue front and centre.

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