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Friday, November 20, 2009

IBM's "unGreen" Green campaign

This one gets filed under the heading of "Are you kidding me?"

Got a package from IBM today. Obviously some promotional thing, so we open them up to see what we got this time. Here's what we found inside...

Yes, little IBM nested Russian dolls, only... not.

The marketing campaign is about IBM's DB2 system, a robust and "Green" database system that they claim will reduce costs for organizations due to better performance, therefore less power usage and therefore more "green", etc.

Anyway, they shipped these things out of the US, so they've had to travel quite a distance, using lots of fuel in transit. Strike One.

They're quite large and heavy and USELESS, which added to the fuel costs. Strike Two. (come on guys... something like a 1GB USB drive won't have likely cost any more than these useless things, and would have cost way less to ship... besides, getting something useful tends to make me want to go over your brochures, rather than just chucking them like I did with these ones)

Then there's the real irony of this... this is to tout the "green" benefits of their "amazing" database solutions, right? Well, due to an IBM database error, my boss and I BOTH GOT TWO OF THESE THINGS EACH!!! That's right... doubling the shipping costs and fuel consupmtion! Strike Three, YOU'RE OUT!

Like I said... come on, would something useful like a USB drive have killed you? I likely would have gotten you a more positive post, that's for sure.

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