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Monday, June 15, 2009

Iggy to force an election

Listening into Iggy's press conference, he appears set to force an election. He's demanding immediate changes to EI, changes that the PM has already rejected as being unaffordable.

Unless Iggy blinks, it looks like we're going.

UPDATE: Furthermore, Iggy clearly stated that unless the PM moves, the Liberals will vote against the Estimates on Friday, which will effectively kill the stimulus package from this year's Budget.

UPDATE II: Personally, I think the PM should approach the BQ or the NDP with an offer they can't refuse, not for their support, but to NOT vote against the Estimates.

Of course, I have another theory on how we get out of this mess, and it's Jack Layton that's holding all the cards right now. If the NDP really want to stick it to Iggy and the Liberals, they should come out saying that Iggy's strategy will kill the current stimulus package, so the NDP will abstain from the vote, allowing the Budget Estimates & current stimulus package to pass, so long as the Conservatives meet some reasonable demand. Iggy looks like a fool, the NDP looks like they're "making Parliament work", and once again prove that they're the "Effective Opposition" by getting reasonable consessions out of the Government.

Looks like once again, I'm a Layton fan today... and yes Steve L., if that makes me out to be a "raging socialist", then so be it! (as you can see Steve, I got your message...) ;-)

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