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Friday, June 12, 2009

"The Arrogant Minded Professor"

Nice job by "ace" in my comments section... now you've gone and made me mad. Thanks to you, I'm going to recount this little tale that I had been planning to keep to myself...

So someone I know gets invited to an small and intimate dinner with Michael Ignatieff and just a couple other people. You know what the feedback from this Liberal-leaning person was? They said they really WANT to like Michael Ignatieff, but they just can't bring themselves to do it.

Why? Because apparently, even in an intimate small group setting, he's still "an arrogant jerk"... and those aren't the words folks, that's a direct quote from someone who's spent time with the Liberal leader.

Just another Liberal mole, perhaps... and no, don't bother asking for names, I prefer to keep my source close to the inside.

See what happens when you make me mad "ace"? Now don't do it again.

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