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Monday, May 25, 2009

Ruby spends QP picking 10%ers?

It's funny the perspective on things you get when sitting in Question Period. For example... I'm willing to bet that the cameras didn't pick up on Ruby Dhalla flipping through samples of the new Liberal 10%ers, (which look surprising identical to the Tory ones they've been complaining about for years) deciding on which one she's going to send out in her name to some Conservative held riding. If anyone get the one she finally decided on, let me know and send me a pic while you're at it.

And I'm willing to bet that the cameras didn't pick up on the ridiculous antics of the Liberal Opposition, those supposedly "dignified" folks who would NEVER stoop to the "childish" antics of the Tories! Ralph and Bob, seriously, a "high-five" during Question Period? What, are we like in high school or something? Seriously, I really expected to see more childish antics from the Tory side, but no, it was from the "dignified" Liberals.

Marlene Jennings? I've always disliked her ideology, but I had more respect for her yesterday than I do now, with her talking over answers, pointing, repeatedly yelling at the Tories "You're just a bunch of colonialists!" over issues relating to Native Affairs. Excuse me Marlene? Just because we don't believe in throwing endless streams of money at issues without a shred of oversight doesn't mean we're seeking to "impose" our ideology on First Nations peoples. My sincere hope is that we are able to help all First Nations peoples set up REAL self-government set up within their communities, instead of continuing to support the Liberal kingpins who you've always siphoned money to, who make sure that their "community" keep voting Liberal election after election. Just who's the "Colonialist" Marlene, us who want to help ALL First Nations people, or you who just want to keep paying them off to make sure they keep voting Liberal? Try putting together a coherent response to that Marlene, and maybe you'll earn back some measure of the respect that I previously had for you. I know that's a much harsher and more direct tone than I normally take here on this blog, but I was disgusted and offended by her immature display today, truly disgusted. I may even write a formal letter to her and to the Speaker on that one, we'll see how I feel next week.

Then there was Michael Ignatieff, Mr. "Dignified" himself... heckling away with the best, err, I mean worst of them. Come on dude... and I know it's so beneath you to partake in these undignified venues, but would you please at least pretend not to look bored out of your skull and stop playing with your earpiece cord for at least a second? Seriously, I saw the guy spend most of Question Period twisting and twirling his earpiece cord, not paying the slightest attention for most of it. Then he jetted long before things were over, of course. The least you could be doing, oh man who wants to run the country, is spend the time going over some briefing notes or something, at least TRY to look engaged in the democratic process.

The NDP was quite entertaining, I must say. They asked serious and pointed questions, they at least LOOKED like they weren't just out to score points. One of them, not sure who it was, had a really great zinger on the Liberals too. Baird was responding to a question, and he threw in some crack along the lines of "Well, it looks like the Liberals are getting their economic advice from the NDP", to which one of the NDP shot out, "That's what we've been doing all along!", obviously in reference to the NDP/Goodale Napkin Budget of 2005, and to the recent leftist shift by the Liberals in the last couple of years. It was pretty funny anyway, it got a laugh on both sides of the isle... though not so much from the Liberals, mind you.

Anyway, it was an interesting time, none the less. Was nice seeing some familiar faces, and I also got to sit in on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, where the whole "local content" issue was being discussed in connection with the CRTC. Interesting, and I discovered that it's really true, it's not just on TV, but even in real life, Pablo Rodriguez is just a showboating idiot... but that's for another discussion.

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  • At Mon. May 25, 06:57:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Funny you should mention the 10%er from I Ruby. I got one today. It has a picture of LB Pearson where the stamp should go. It is a questionaire on EI with three questions.
    1) Have the Harper Conservatives done enough to address rising unemployment? yes/no
    2) Are you concerned about the current unemployment situation in Canada? yes/no
    3) Should the EI progrm be expanded to increase access to the system and to allow more Canadians without work to qualify? yes/no

    Or reply online at:

    How much do you want to bet that if you go to that link it won't allow you to click no! LOL

    There should be one more question though....
    4) Should the Liberals have changed the EI rules to what they are now back in 1996 which allowed them to scoop 54 billion dollars out of the EI fund? no/no

  • At Mon. May 25, 07:10:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Russell said…

    Was the CBC supplying the questions for Pablo or were they just pulling his puppet strings

  • At Mon. May 25, 09:19:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Never liked Marlene Jennings since she was parachuted in as an ethnic candidate in the N.D.G. riding and with the support of the national leadership elbowed out a much more deserving local candidate.

    Since then she has been another of those brassy females who are the worst role models for women in leadership roles. I say this as a woman!


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