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Friday, March 06, 2009

Ontario PC HQ abandoned today

Hello? Hellllllooooooo? Is anybody home? You folks there in Toronto, HELLLLOOOOO???

That must be what it sounds like right now at Ontario PC HQ in Toronto... BECAUSE NO ONE IS THERE TO PICK UP THE PHONE. Go ahead, give it a try... 1-800-903-6453. Try ANY option... all of them ring, and then it's off to voicemail.

Seriously... every department, every receptionist, every extension, they're all gone. No one at all is answering the phone, not even in the donations department. Maybe having a group therapy session? Or a group hug?

Too bad... cause I had my credit card out, all ready and raring to go. I wanted to be able to say I purchased my membership the day John Tory stepped down.

One thing though guys... make sure your voicemail options are set correctly, cause I got auto-transfered over to Caucus Services at Queen's Park several times... but isn't that a misuse of the public's resources? Funny, I think it is... having staff at Queen's Park answer phones for the Party? (well, for the record, it looks like it's just one guy who's set his voicemail's "zero out" option to transfer to Caucus Services... which is a no-no my friend)



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