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Friday, March 06, 2009

Did Mugabe try to assasinate Tsvangirai?

Certainly makes you wonder... Zimbabwe's Prime Minister, Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, was in a tragic car accident today while on his way to a rally, in which his wife was killed.

They slammed into a truck... a little too convinient, if you ask me.

I say that if there's even a remote chance that he or his people were involved, it's time to remove Robert Mugabe from power, once and for all.

And you know what? I think a certian US President, who's roots are from there, would be able to pull it off.

UPDATE: Dr. Roy has another link, with more details. This just makes everything all the more suspicious...
"Mr Cross said that, when the MDC (Tsvangirai's Party) investigation team arrived at the site on the main highway to the south about 100km south of Harare, the police had not yet arrived. “When police turned up, they arrested them (the MDC team) and confiscated the videos and pictures they had taken," he said."

UPDATE II: It's the lead story on CNN and BBC... but oddly enough, it's way down on the list on both CBC and CTV. Anyone have any thoughts as to why?


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