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Friday, November 28, 2008

ALERT: "Prime Minister Dion"

The Opposition has announced they are going ahead with a coup...
Liberals propose non-confidence motion, governing coalition

The Liberal Opposition plans to introduce a motion in the House of Commons on Monday declaring non-confidence in the minority Conservative government and proposing a governing coalition.

The motion comes as emissaries from the Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois hold talks about forming a new government should Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority fall.

But Harper could still avert the immediate defeat of his weeks-old government through procedural tactics.
The Liberal motion, which has the approval of the NDP and Bloc Quebecois, reads:

"In light of the government's failure to recognize the seriousness of Canada's economic situation and its failure in particular to present any credible plan to stimulate the Canadian economy and to help workers and businesses in hard-pressed sectors such as manufacturing, the automotive industry and forestry, this House has lost confidence in this government and is of the opinion that a viable alternative government can be formed within the present House of Commons."

A source says the opposition parties have agreed that Liberal Leader Stephane Dion would lead the government for the next few months.



  • At Fri. Nov. 28, 03:32:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I heard if the government falls, Dion will be ousted and Ignatieff will be made leader of the Liberal party. Then he'll be made leader of Canada once the liberals and NDP form a coalition with an outside pledge of support from the Bloc.

    And the Liberals say the Conservatives are a front to democracy? The Liberal/NDP coalition will be 29 seats short of the Conservatives with an unelected party leader being made an unelected Prime Minister. All without an election. Where are the palm trees and beaches cause this must be Cuba.

  • At Fri. Nov. 28, 04:10:00 p.m. EST, Blogger treb said…

    Well i guess its time for the RCMP and the Army to step in.If i,m correct,former PM Chretien and his cronies have been working in the background planning this coup and should be arrested and charged with planning to overthrow the Government.Someone should be asking these questions to constitutional experts.Is Chretien guilty of sedition or treason??

  • At Fri. Nov. 28, 04:24:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is fun to watch but, anyone who thinks any of this will actually happen is been watching too much West Wing. As much as I dislike the new Liberalism...they are not that stupid!! It would be the end of the Liberal party for 20years if they tried to form some sort of coalition govt. The Dippers..well..this sort of thing is right up their alley of "we know what's best for you". Besides...can you even begin to imagine how much of a laughing stock we'd quick Alberta would become this large bump over the US. billg

  • At Fri. Nov. 28, 06:11:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous credmond said…

    I don't know where "treb" lives, but here in my part of Canada, we didn't get to vote for who would be Prime Minister, we got to vote for our Member of Parliament. Under our system of government, which was introduced by subversive radicals like John A. Macdonald, the person who gets to be PM is the one who can maintain the "confidence" of the House of Commons. Perhaps we'll find out next week whether that is Stephen Harper or just possibly somebody else!

  • At Fri. Nov. 28, 10:50:00 p.m. EST, Blogger hunter said…

    Well then credmond, will that someone else face an election, or will they be appointed by the coalition? If they are appointed, is that not a coup??

  • At Sat. Nov. 29, 05:19:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous credmond said…

    No, that is not a coup. It is the normal working of our system of government. We've often had a change of prime ministers without an election: Mackenzie, Abbott, Thompson, Bowell, Tupper, Borden, Meighen, St. Laurent, Trudeau, Turner, Campbell and Martin all first took office in the middle of a Parliament. Sometimes it's the change in leadership of one party, occasionally it's the House of Commons deciding that a different party should head the government now. To repeat: in Canada we don't elect prime ministers, we elect members of Parliament, and they can give the authority to whoever they wish.

  • At Sun. Nov. 30, 05:39:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous credmond said…

    By the way, who remembers a letter from Stephen Harper to the Governor-General in September 2004, proposing that after Paul Martin's government lost a vote in the House of Commons, a coalition of the opposition parties should take power immediately?


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