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Friday, September 12, 2008

"Tim Horton's Girl" crashes PM's event

Looking forward to seeing this clip!

The CBC's Jeri Hall from This Hour Has 22 Minutes (aka "The Tim Horton's Girl" for all the Tim Horton's and other commercials she appeared in over the last three years) caused a bit of a stir at an event with the PM today. (with the RCMP it's safety first, ask questions later, of course) Everyone quickly realized who she was, and the PM ended up meeting with her for a quick interview for the segment.

I'm really hoping they don't make us wait until the new season starts on Sept. 30 to see the clip!

UPDATE: Here's the clip... gotta LOVE the PM's comment to the next reporter to ask him a question... "Et toi oci?"... or, "You too?" (as in, do you love me too?") Now that's what all call being quick on your feet!

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