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Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Tory: More "Tory" than "Red" these days?

Not implying that he's leaning towards Harper or anything... because clearly, he's not. However, Liblogger Red Tory has been getting more and more critical of the current Liberal campaign these days... and with good reason.

UPDATE II: Tuesday Sept. 23:
"Chilling"... he says (sarcasticly) that for some "strange" reason, people aren't warming up to Dion

Monday Sept. 22:
Dion’s Platform to Nowhere, where he critiques the Liberal platform launch with these stinging words: "nobody is listening and no one cares"
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Bitter, where he trashes the Liberals for their non-voting tactic in the House, which turned out to be a disaster for them.

Sunday Sept. 21:
Too Little, Too Late, where he admits, "You know… try as I might, gosh darn it, I just cannot seem to get at all enthused about this campaign"

Saturday Sept. 20:
A New Low, where he expresses disappointment with Dion for breaking his "I'll take the high road" promise with his new negative ads

Thing is, he's not the only one. Just ask "The Mound of Sound" from "Rolling Back the Tide of Extremism", who's post today entitled Rescuing Stephane Dion says the same thing many Liberals have been saying for weeks now... the "Green Shift"(TM) has been a monumental disaster, full stop. One of the cement shoes of the campaign, if you will. (the other one being the Liberal leader himself... and we haven't even gotten to the debates yet)

Humm... I wonder if Jason will take these guys to task for being "selfish and not helpful to the cause", like he did Warren.

UPDATE: And another unhappy Liberal... CuriosityCat had this to say about today's Liberal platform release:
What absolute twaddle.

We end up with an election well into its second week, with no stirring over-arcing principles, with a bland theme, and what seems to be a laundry list of policies …

What a wasted opportunity!

Have Liberals forgotten how to do politics?

Maybe we need to send our Liberal Party leaders back to school, to learn Politics 101.
You do not become a government by acting like a bunch of middle-aged, uninmaginative shopkeepers.

Where's the steak?

Where's the sizzle?

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  • At Mon. Sep. 22, 06:14:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Perhaps the Red Tory realizes what the Nutty professor can't seem to grasp. The politicians have cried wolf once to often to be taken seriously. The majority of voters have lived through the years of grandiose promises which never came to fruition. Now they just take them in stride as another pie-in-the-sky promise that won't be kept. Mr. Harper seems to have figured this out and he keeps most of his promises to either small amounts of money or policies that the government can influence. The days of the billion dollar promises and the schemes to change the world just don't resonate like they used to. Voters have become very cynical.


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