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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cambridge Liberals need a lesson or two on Environmental Protection

It's a pretty commonly understood rule... you don't rips limbs off trees to make your signs more visible. Someone running Liberal Gord Zilstra's campaign should remind this guy of that...
Was driving in Cambridge today, and saw this guy finishing up posting two signs for Gord Zilstra. As I drove by, I saw him tossing a couple of branches aside into the ditch! Thought about it as I drove on, and decided to go back get a couple of pics for the blog...

Here's the freshly severed branches in my hand... instead of on the tree where they belong...Look up in the top right corner... I've circled the freshly severed branches.

But don't worry... I put them right back where he found them, covering the signs.
Caught up with the guy a block away, and reminded him that ripping limbs off trees isn't very "Green" of him, now is it?

Wonder what the Zilstra campaign has to say for themselves? Gord, you're gonna plant a couple trees to make up for it, right?

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