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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Liberals are first to "go negative"

So much for Dion taking "the high road"... his party (and I say "his party" because it's obvious that he's not in charge anymore) have launched a negative smear attack ad, trying to use the deaths of Canadians for their own political gain.


In the United States, politicians are required to place a tag at the end of their ads, stating "I'm So-And-So, and I approve this message".

So then, I have a question for the Liberals... would Mr. Dion be willing to stand there, look Canadians in the eye through the camera, and say, "I'm Stephane Dion, and I approve this message."???

Didn't think so.

UPDATE: CTV is reporting that this ad breaks Dion's promise not to make personal attacks a part of his campaign. Of course, he can't really be blamed... because we all know he's not in charge anymore.
Dion takes aim at Harper, dismisses Tory 'gimmicks'
Updated Sat. Sep. 20 2008 12:41 PM ET
The Canadian Press

ALEXANDRIA, Ont. -- Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is taking dead aim at Stephen Harper today after his party unleashed their first attack ad of the election campaign.

Dion says voters have a choice between Conservative gimmicks and a Liberal vision for the country.

He says Harper has no plan and is trying to buy votes with false solutions.

Dion was echoing the party's attack ad, which targets Harper's handling of the deadly listeriosis outbreak that has claimed 18 lives.

The ad says Harper stooped to 'a new low' this week when he refused to fire Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz for making insensitive jokes about the medical crisis.

It follows repeated promises by Dion that he wouldn't indulge in personal attacks.

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