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Friday, September 19, 2008

I guess the Sun Media Editors misunderstood too

They also seemed to be under the impression that Dion's "Green Shift" was going to form the core of his electoral platform...
Dion defends carbon tax
Maintains stance that green plan's tax scheme will be revenue neutral and appealing to Canadians
The Toronto Sun

Stephane Dion's green shift plan will form the core of his party's election platform, but the Liberal Leader can't project what short-term impact a carbon tax would have on cutting emissions.

In a 75-minute session with Sun Media's editorial board in Toronto, Dion predicted his proposed carbon tax will trigger large reductions by 2012, building momentum that he hopes will reach a 20% drop by 2020. But he can't forecast how fast emissions will decrease in the short term.

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  • At Sat Sep 20, 12:34:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had hoped that the Nutty Professor would have stuck to his green shaft initiative a little longer. With four weeks left in the campaign this will give the MSM a chance to come up with some justification for the Liberals abandoning their main policy plank. The MSM will milk Mr. Ritz's comments for all they are worth for another week, but by then it will be old news and should give them time to spin Dion's backtracking into a more positive light. That way all those women morning show hosts will be able to gush over how great the Liberals are at dealing with a problem unlike the cold hearted Mr. Harper who wants to see us all go down the tubes in a wash of western carbon emissions.


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