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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Young Liberal gets a smackdown

One word of advice to Young Liberals in the by-election city of Guelph... if you're going to attack people for being "hyper-partisan", don't get caught being "hyper-partisan" yourself!

I saw on my Google News page this morning an article about the federal election finance issues, so I gave it a read. It turned out to be a Letter to the Editor in the Guelph Mercury, which was itself a response to a Liberal attack letter from the previous week. Looks like one of the Young Liberals in Guelph got rocked today... but the funny part is that the smackdown line was his own!

The author of today's letter pulled out a quote that this young Liberal had himself used to attack a local Tory back in March, and threw it right back at him! For the record, it's actually really good and worthwhile quote, one that I heartily agree with... but it's too bad he didn't take his own advice. (his original line is in bold below)
"Mitchell's attempt to smear the Conservatives and their supporters is another sad example of the gotcha politics that is becoming far to common in the House of Commons.

There's a significant and rather hypocritical element to his letter, considering some of his own past statements in this paper. In fact, it's very well expressed in the following quote from him in a March 5 letter to the editor: "Canadians and Guelphites want to hear rational, constructive debate on topics of such crucial importance, not hyper-partisan rhetoric that only further serves to obfuscate the problem at hand."

Mitchell's brand of "hyper-partisanship," on display in his May 8 letter, lessens the level of debate and takes away from the real issues we ought to be discussing about the future of our nation."
HEAR! HEAR! The moral of today's story? We should all try to spend more time talking about the issues of importance to Canadians, and not wasting time trying to score partisan political points by attacking others.

And just for the record, I know that I can do a better job of that myself.

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  • At Tue. May 13, 02:27:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Shaun Zanin's letter is a response to Kyle Mitchell's response to a previous letter. Having read all three letters I don't agree with your "smackdown" comment. I think that the original letter was over the top and could have been written by Pierre Pollivere.
    My only question is how does Shaun Zanin a Conservative Party member have access to so-called Liberal talking points?
    I hope that young Mr. Zanin takes his own advice and cuts back on the partisan rhetoric.

  • At Tue. May 13, 02:56:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Its not the partisan rhetoric thats the problem...its when you start to actually believe your own spin that should worry everyone. There's nothing wrong with partisan spin/rhetoric, it makes reading both the Lib and Tory blog rolls fun, but, what worry's me is there are actually people out there who think that all Liberals steal and all Conservative's are on big oil's payroll. Keep up the P/rhetoric....its good reading, but maybe respect the other side a bit more, both sides have alot to offer. billg

  • At Tue. May 13, 04:05:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    How did he get the talking points? Easy... likely the same way the rest of us get them, via the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, CBC, or CTV... you guys are leaking worse than a bottomless bucket these days. ;-)


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