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Monday, May 12, 2008

Follow-up on the floor collapse

I'm sure everyone recalls the Abbotsford BC church the other week, where the floor collapsed in the middle of a concert.

Anyway, I figured it was time to weigh in on the issue, since I've heard first-hand from some of the folks involved... you see, I had the chance to take in the Starfield concert myself just last week.  Starfield is a fantastic Canadian band out of B.C., who my wife and I heard about a little over a year ago. We've got one of their albums, and will be getting their new one sometime soon.  They're a great bunch of spiritually focused young guys, and proud Canadians... more on that in a sec.

Anyway, they've put up a video talking about what happened in Abbotsford, that might be of interest to those of you who have been following the story.

So, at the concert the other night, they were talking a little bit more about what exactly happened, and filling in the gaps that the media naturally wouldn't report on.  For example, when the floor collapsed, the two brothers of Starfield, Tim and John, dropped their guitars and jumped right into the hole themselves, in an effort to help those who were trapped below... no thought for themselves, they just threw themselves into the situation to try and help.  I understand these guys are like that in a lot of ways.

Also, the media didn't mention that the concerts were being put on, in part, in an effort to help World Vision Canada, to sign up monthly child sponsors.  That night, just moments before the floor came down, they'd just signed up 124 new monthly sponsors... 124 children around the world who will now be fed, clothed, and educated, thanks to these generous folks.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the concert, though it was a little on the loud side for me... when Starfield took the stage, seriously, I could feel the bass shaking my ribcage!  But the content of their music is what so good, as so much of it is straight out of God's Holy Scriptures... and the best part is that you can tell that these guys mean every word of it.

Like I said before, they're also proud Canadians, and have put up a couple of "Guides to Canada" for their American fans, where they've been touring for a lot of the last year.  They've even got one trying to explain to our friends south of the border that great Canadian icon, Tim Horton's...

For those interested, you can listen to some of their most recent songs here on their website.  I especially like "Holy is our God", it's just got a great sound, and clear Biblical message...  one of the lines goes, "Celebrate the One who's making all things new... Hallelujah, Christ is King... Hallelujah, rise and sing.".  There's also "From the Corners of the Earth", talking about the amazing growth of the Church among today's young people, and "I Will Go", which is their theme song for their World Vision pitch.  Enjoy!

LYRICS: Holy is Our God

Lift your hands, of saints of God, lift up your hands
Sing for joy unto the risen Son of man
Celebrate the life that’s been reborn in you
Celebrate the One who’s making all things new

Hallelujah Christ is King
Hallelujah, rise and sing

Holy is our God
Wonderful is He
Holy is the Lord Almighty

Fall before your maker, every creature fall
Let your heart be still and know that He is God
Tremble at the feet of Him upon the throne
Tremble men and angels before Him alone

Hallelujah, Christ is King
Hallelujah, rise and sing

Holy is our God
Wonderful is He
Holy is the Lord Almighty
Holy is our God
The Prince of perfect peace
Holy is the Lord Almighty

To the One who reigns forever
To the Ancient of all Days
Be the glory, power, majesty, and praise

And the mountains bow and the rivers cry
Holy is our God
Over all the earth You reign


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