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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interesting story in the Hill Times

This weeks "The Hill Times" has an interesting story on Page 39... interesting because it's following up on the very same question I asked last week, about the timing of the departure of two former MP's and senior staffers from the OLO. (and as far as I recall, I was the only blogger to report on this particular angle)

No, I'm not accusing anyone of lifting the idea for the story from this blog... but I do find this quote rather interesting...
"After the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition, the OLO, issued a press release last week announcing the departure of Ms. Torsney and Ms. Bakopanos, some political observers speculated in private conversations that this could be an indication that the leader was ready to pull the plug as both OLO political aides are former Liberal MPs and both will be running as Liberal candidates in the next federal election. The speculation grew even more after the national media reported that all Liberal MPs in the weekly caucus meeting on Wednesday posed with the leader for TV commercials."
I happen to know that my blog is read by a few people up there on the Hill... could one of my readers have been the one who started the speculation the author overheard? Either that, or else I'm just on the same wavelength as a bunch of them up there.

Just an interesting observation, that's all. As you were.



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