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Thursday, April 17, 2008

June election? But "What if...?"

Everyone seems to be convinced that we're going into a June election. I think so as well, as there are so many things that seem to be lining up to make it happen.

So, that having been said, I just thought I'd throw a "What If..." into the mix.

What if Jack Layton's NDP throws a monkey wrench into the Liberal's plans?

Stop and think about it for a second... with the Liberals seeming to get a jump in the polls recently, what incentive does Jack's team have for siding with Dion? It actually makes a whole lot more sense for the NDP to find a way to keep the government alive... so that just when Dion starts acting like a "leader", Layton pulls the rug out from under his feet, and makes Mr. Dion once again look completely impotent. Even when he can manage to make up his mind on an issue, he can't do anything about it anyway.

If I'm Jack, that's exactly what I'd be looking to do right about now. If I'm wanting to cleave off the left flank of the Liberal Party, I'd keep hammering away at the fact that Mr. Dion is powerless to do anything for Canadians, and try to reinforce the notion that only a stronger NDP can get things done for Canadians.

Then again, maybe Gilles is thinking the same thing, since they're looking at losing seats to us, but gaining some from the Liberals... continuing to weaken Mr. Dion is the one lifeline they have right now. Pull the rug out from under his electoral ambitions, spend the summer rebuilding support in Quebec, generate some momentum with another win or two in the upcoming Quebec by-elections, and go from there.

June 2008? Maybe. October 2009? Still entirely possible.

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  • At Thu Apr 17, 02:40:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If the trigger is to be the immigration reforms, there's no way that Layton couldn't side with Dion.

    Duceppe, on the other hand, could abstain, insisting the Fed immigration reforms have no bearing on Quebec immigration policy, since that is the jurisdiction of QC.

    Tough to say.


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