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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


WHAT THE...?!?!? It looks like the open revolt has begun...
Dion Faces Ouster
Quebec Grits say they'll yank his membership if he doesn't resign


MONTREAL -- Federal Liberals from Quebec will move to show Stephane Dion the door if he doesn't give up leadership of the party on his own, Sun Media has learned.

Former Liberal candidate Pierre-Luc Bellerose, who ran for the party in Joliette, northeast of Montreal, said dissatisfied members will begin the process to revoke Dion's party membership if he doesn't quit as Liberal leader.

Bellerose has threatened to invoke Article 3.7.1 of the Quebec wing of the federal Liberal party's statutes and regulations to force him [Dion] to resign.

The provisions of this article give the Quebec wing the right to strip a party member of his membership.

He said his strategy is supported by a number of influential members of the party, along with a dozen riding association presidents and a few elected MPs from across Quebec.

Bellerose said he is convinced Dion has lost control over the party in Quebec and the organization is no longer following its leader.

Bellerose said Dion would do everyone a favour by quitting the leadership within the next few weeks, which would allow the party to choose a new leader and regain strength over the summer to prepare for a potential fall election."
Okay guys, my question is this... HOW DO WE PULL THE TRIGGER ASAP?!?!?

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  • At Wed Mar 26, 01:13:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Jim said…

    Pretty tough to pull the trigger. I don't think Mr Harper has strong enough case to ask the GG to dissolve parliament. Other than that there really is no way with the new fixed election date law.

    Besides, it might be best to wait and watch some of the fireworks.

  • At Wed Mar 26, 03:01:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Platty said…

    No need to worry CC, Dion will not resign his leadership.

    There is one thing that is strong about Dion, and that is his ego.


  • At Wed Mar 26, 06:51:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The guy doing this is a loser. He even tried to run for the ADQ - he wants his name in lights.

    What an idiot he is. They should dump him.


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