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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dion about to speak in the House

Just past 3:15pm, and Dion is due to speak any moment...

3:38pm - Dion is on his feet...

3:40pm - Based on his opening, attacking the Conservatives, saying how bad things would be if we had a majority, I don't think there's going to be an election.

3:41pm - "Canadians don't want an election right now"... man, here he goes, over the top, "their ultra-conservative right wing agenda"... pu-leeze...

Well, it's over... Dion's "leadership", that is. He's going to get ripped to shreds by the media and the NDP. The bloodletting will continue.

But, no worries... thanks for your help keeping our good government alive, and allowing us to continue with our agenda, Mr. Dion!

3:46pm - Wow... his speech is really amaturish! Honestly, I expected something a whole lot more intelectual, not something so overtly partisan and, well, childish.

Rick Mercer's rant last week was talking about Mr. Harper being a bully... Mr. Dion's speech just makes him look like a schoolyard wimp, trying to taunt "the bully" from the safety of the teacher's skirt!

4:13pm - Dion is still going, but who knows why... he keeps talking about how horrible all the things the Conservatives have done are, all the while, refusing to do anything about it by removing the Government... which is in his power to do.

Mr. Dion, if we're so bad, then why are you abdicating your responsiblity in defeating this supposedly bad government?

Because you're "Not a Leader", that's why... you won't even stand up for what you SAY you believe. For shame.


4:18pm - Dion just proposed a couple of ammendments, and in the way they've been put forward, if Layton is smart, Dion may have just given Mr. Harper his election after all... if the other Opposition parties will support the ammendments, and they pass, Mr. Harper can turn around and ask the GG for dissolution, because their Speech has been in essence, defeated by the Opposition.

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