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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

D-Day: Dion Day

One Liblogger (and there may be others) has got it right on... today is D-Day for Dion. This Liblogger has some tough words for Mr. Dion today.
"It's D-Day

This is the day that Stephane Dion either shows he's got the guts to lead or simply confirms that he is what he's appeared to be ever since he got the leadership - hapless and ineffectual.

Dion should have been able to come out swinging against the throne speech when it mattered - yesterday. That's when Harpo's agenda was scoring air time. Today, when Dion finally unveils his response, it's old news - stale. All he's done is, yet again, undercut himself.

What in Harper's fearmongering crime bill proposal or his rejection of Kyoto or his Afghanisnam 2011 nonsense was so surprising that Dion couldn't have slammed them yesterday when it mattered?

"For my money, Dion had better pull something powerful out of his hat today or accept that he's unable or unwilling to actually lead a national party and hand the job to someone who wants it enough to do it.

This is D-Day, Dion Day."
And people wonder why we've been trying to drill the "Not a Leader" tagline into people's heads... when you see his fellow Liberals asking the same question, you know you've made your point.

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