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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Former Dion adviser in the PMO

Now this is interesting. Dispite what people may hear from the Liberal talking heads, Mr. Harper has managed to create a rather large tent... we even have a former NDP MP working for us. (of course, she's working for the Government, not US directly, as in the CPC)

CTV also put this statement out there last night, which I find rather interesting...
During a morning caucus meeting to discuss how they should respond to the throne speech, sources said only six of 30 speakers said Liberals should vote against the speech and topple the government.

But insiders say that Dion himself, despite receiving virtually unanimous advice to the contrary, is hawkish about forcing an election. He fears his reputation as a champion of the environment and progress he's made wooing Green and other left-wing voters will be seriously hurt if Liberals don't vote against Harper's anti-Kyoto message.
The one thing that keeps running through my head is that if Dion doesn't stand against the Speech, he'll lose even more credibility... so much so, that he may never recover. I've been seriously wondering if he'll simply choose to roll the dice, and take his chances before the electorate, hoping that the team will rally to his defence behind him.

I'm sure that Dion knows that if something dramatic doesn't happen, his days are numbered. So maybe he's been having his people lower expectations, keeping the door open just a crack, so that he can attempt to show some dramatic leadership, and take a firm stand against Mr. Harper and the Speech from the Throne.

Quite frankly, it's likely his best shot he's got at keeping his job... and he knows it.

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