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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Calgary Grit - "Chretien was wrong"

Those aren't the words that he used, but in attacking Serge LeClerc, who's running for the SaskParty in the election, he said just as much.

Why? Here's CG's comment...
"The Sask Party have released their crime platform, claiming that crime has skyrocketed under the NDP government. Of course, given that their candidate in Saskatoon Northwest has been arrested 20 to 30 times for things ranging from drug dealing to money laundering, it would be unfair to peg the entire thing on Calvert."
Normally, those would be outlandish accusations... however, in this case they're 100% accurate. Serge LeClerc has indeed been charged that many times, and spent a long time in prison for it. But I asked CG if he'd looked into this man's story at all. Well, I have...

Serge LeClerc is Native, born to a young single Cree mother living on the streets, a product of rape. He turned to a life of crime at a very young age, and had a notorious reputation. He was a major drug producer, and when arrested, he spent hard time in the most secure facilites in this country.

It was there, while in solitary, where his life was altered forever. He was visited by a humble man, who had to go through strip searches to get into the most secure section of the prison, in order to visit the inmates. During these interactions, and seeing the witness of this humble man, Serge Leclerc was saved... he repented of his way of life, and turned to the Lord Jesus Christ.

His life changed almost immediately. So much so, that the guards, supervisors, wardens, everyone around him noticed the change. He became a new man, as the Lord Jesus Christ promised to all those who genuinely choose to follow Him.

His life was so altered, that even the Government of then Prime Minister Jean Chretien noticed... and in 2000, he was given a full and complete pardon. From Serge's website...
National Pardon

Serge received a precedent setting Canadian National Pardon in the year 2000 due to his exemplary work for youth, their families, and their communities both in Canada and abroad. This Pardon, enforced by an Act of Legislation, honours his outstanding life change, present citizenship, and legally exonerates him from all past criminal convictions and especially social stigma as today he has no criminal record of any kind!
Here's a video of his story that covers many of the bases.

Since his release from prison, he has earned a degree, has worked tirelessly as a social worker, has volunteered hundreds of hours of his time and loads of energy to helping troubled youth, talked to hundreds of thousands of people about the dangers of drug addiction and crime, founded a drug rehab program, and started a successful motivational speaking company.

So, CG... was your Liberal Government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien wrong to fully pardon him? And if he's been fully pardoned, why are you attacking him for the things he's been pardoned for? Isn't that wrong? (I'm no legal expert, but isn't that some form of discrimination, and illegal? Just asking)

It makes me think of a line from "The American President"... "Serge LeClerc is way out of your leauge".

In my opinion, Serge LeClerc would make a tremendous parliamentarian... and I certainly hope he wins on November 7th. And quite frankly, I'd say the same thing regardless of what party he ran for. (I was actually surprised to see he joined the SaskParty... I personally would have thought he'd be more NDP leaning)



  • At Fri Nov 02, 05:44:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Patrick Ross said…

    Considering that in this country one can become an RCMP officer having had a criminal record (provided one has fully reformed and rehabilitated), it shouldn't be such a shock, if Mr LeClerc has truly changed his life -- and it seems he has.

  • At Sat Nov 03, 02:15:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Serge runs the Teen Challenge program in Saskatoon. He's no friend of the NDP. In treating drug addicts he sees how the govt is inefficient. The fact that he has spent time in jail is far from a secret. He talks about it openly quite often.


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