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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clean Air Act... the Election Trigger?

We know the Budget will clear the House... but will the Clean Air Act?

The Opposition parties have inserted several amendments which are unpalatable to the Government... namely embedding the unattainable Kyoto targets into the legislation. All of our attempts to modify the amended bill and bring the Opposition parties into the light of reality have failed.

It now stands to go back to the House... where it could be voted on as confidence measure. Since it's one of our key pieces of legislation, with various spending initiatives included therein, I don't see how it couldn't be considered one. Of course, if the Opposition want's to avoid an election, they can just allow us to put a dose of reality back into the Bill.

Of course, if they want to fight an election over it, we will... the prospect of tens of thousands of lost jobs due to Kyoto will be a pretty good card in our favour, don't you think?

Our riding now has a candidate... we're ready to go... Dion, if you want to go, bring it.

UPDATE, March 23: BOO! HISS! Mr. Harper has said the Clean Air Act will NOT be considered an issue of Confidence. "Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said the clean air act will not be declared a matter of confidence when it comes up for a vote."

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