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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bourque picks up on FCM/Dion story

This story just won't go away, and now Bourque has picked it up. Apparently, the Liberal party did issue some kind of statement over the accusation that Mr. Dion had something to do with Ms. Kovach's ouster, though I have yet to see anything in print myself.

Did Dion and the Liberals exert overt influence over the Board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a supposedly "non-partisan" group? And why did they seek to have someone with a CPC connection removed, only to install a known Liberal to her position? To me, it appears that they may well have been caught meddling with this group... and if so, I think both groups just lost a whole lot of credibility.

Why on earth would the FCM toss someone who would appear to have good connections to the government of the day? Why would they deliberatly cut off a good channel to have their own voices heard? Seems counter productive, if you ask me. Like I said, it appears to be really simple... in the circles of the ruling elites of this country, Conservative = BAD, Liberal = GOOD.

Still waiting for the MSM to pick this up.

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