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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Liberals in violation of Parliament of Canada Act

Steve Janke has a killer post on the Holland Document scandal... it would appear that the Liberal Party of Canada may be in violation of the Parliament of Canada Act, Section 56.

The Parliament of Canada Act
52.6 (1) The Board has the exclusive authority to determine whether any previous, current or proposed use by a member of the House of Commons of any funds, goods, services or premises made available to that member for the carrying out of parliamentary functions is or was proper, given the discharge of the parliamentary functions of members of the House of Commons, including whether any such use is or was proper having regard to the intent and purpose of the by-laws made under subsection 52.5(1).

The authority to move those boxes is vested in the Parliament of Canada Act, and Mark Holland's, or more accurately, the Liberal Party of Canada's, possession and use of those documents may have been unlawful, as they were to be held in trust by the Parliamentary movers... this trust was violated when Mr. Holland, or more accurately the Liberal Party of Canada, came into possession of those documents.

Basically, it would appear that the Liberal Party of Canada is showing complete and utter contempt of Parliament, it's rules and regulations. This isn't a case of leaked documents showing up on their doorstep... this is a clear violation of Parliamentary procedure, and they know it.

Ironically, the head of the Board of Internal Economy (who has jurisdiction over these matters) is the Speaker of the House, who happens to be a Liberal MP... Peter Milikin. It will be interesting to see how he deals with this matter, as he most certianly should. I have faith in him, as he is very aware of Parliamentary procedure and laws, and has always dealt with Parliamentary matters with a great deal of professionalism, even when it may not work in his party's favour.

I'm interested to see how the Liberal Party deals with this one now... since they're the ones who brought this all up.

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  • At Wed. Mar. 28, 11:35:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Canadi-anna said…

    Opening mail that belongs to the previous owner of your home, or snooping into boxes that might have been left behind in a move of house could probably land an individual in trouble. I wonder why the Liberals didn't consider that same thing here for themselves. I hadn't thought about it until I read your post, but then I'm not in a position of public trust.
    They should have had their legal people looking into this, or at least considered the ethics and optics of it. I guess the temptation to eavesdrop into someone else's private correspondence was too strong. Although I haven't been following this closely, I'm guessing that none of the documents was found sitting in a drawer -- it was all packed stuff.
    Funnily enough, nothing they've found is anything more than gossip fodder, and it's more embarrassing to those who found and snooped, than those who left it behind.

  • At Wed. Mar. 28, 11:58:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger hunter said…

    Just goes to show that Dion has no control. This has legs.

    I was wondering today why Holland wasn't getting up and yelling for Day's head, now it seems, he's gone down the gopher hole and is hiding, trying to save his head.

    This might only be on the blogsphere right now, but it's going to become news soon. I have told my children that I will not open even my husbands mail because it is addressed to him, not me, they understand that, why can't Liberals?

  • At Thu. Mar. 29, 12:21:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Hugh MacIntyre said…

    I agree with your assesment of Peter Milikin. He knows the importance of his position in the big picture. I trust his judgement and care.


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