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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

President of FCM Ousted

Why? Apparently, for simply being too conservative.

A friend who lives in the riding sent me this article in today's Guelph Mercury... sad but true.
Kovach stunned by ouster
Councillor removed as president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
GUELPH (Mar 27, 2007)

Gloria Kovach is stunned after being severed from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities just two months before the end of her term as president.

The Guelph councillor said the national lobby organization made a "politically motivated" decision to remove her from her post last Wednesday. It happened the day after she lost a bid for the local candidacy with the federal Conservatives.
Gloria Kovach, now "ex-President" (according to the article, they won't even acknowledge her as their "Past President") of the Federation of Canadian Municipalites, was ousted after a closed door meeting last Wednesday. Gloria is a long time councillor for the City of Guelph, and back in February, announced that she was seeking the nomination for the federal Conservatives in her home riding of Guelph. She apparently lost that nomination last Tuesday... and to add insult to injury, the FCM decided to toss her the very next day.

In her place, they have named Gord Steeves, a City councillor from Winnepeg. Hang on... you mean THIS Gord Steeves? The one who ran for the Manitoba Provincial Liberals in 1995?

Humm... yep, that's right... apparently, according to the FCM, Liberal = Good, Conservative = BAD.

Let's, just for fun, take a look at the other members of the FCM's Executive, shall we?

Aaron Dinwoodie, former Provincial Liberal nomination canaidate in 2000.

Or how about Barry Vrbanovic? Yep, that same one who failed to win the riding of Kitchener Centre for the Ontario provincial LIBERALS in 1999.

Basil Stewart... well, he ran for the Federal PC's in PEI in 1993. One out of four. Can't find any other connections right off the bat. Feel free to continue the search!

UPDATE: A commenter noticed this one... "You can add Ann McLean....married to former Liberal Premier and current MP Russell MacLellan"

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