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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you thought the Press was ticked before...

...imagine what this is going to do to them.
Financial woes force Press Club to go dry

"The stereotype of the hard-drinking journalist took a hit last night when the National Press Club in Ottawa announced it was suspending liquor and food service for financial reasons."
Not only are they cut off from the PMO, but now they're cut off from the booze. Watch for even angrier stories from hereon in.

That is, of course, until the election... the spoils of war will go to the campaign that has the best in-flight bar!

UPDATE: Thanks to a commenter who posted it on Kate's blog, this little post was found to be "Small Dead Animals" worthy. Cool!


  • At Wed. Jan. 10, 03:15:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Now they won't be able to drown their conscience in booze. They might actually have to write the truth, or at least admit in their articles that they are biased.

  • At Wed. Jan. 10, 04:34:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was a member. Back when it was the National men's Press Club. We changed the name then. Charles Lynch joked that if our wives found out there were women journalists they'd never let us come back. Most of you and most Canadians can never understand the importantce of that second floor bar in the National Press building on Wellington street....Peter Stursburg, the aforementioned Lynch, Ron Collister, Lowell green Paul Akehurst, George Bain, Peter Riley, Max Keeping, Ernie Calcutt, Don Leger, and about 5,000 others I am sure graced those hallowed portals for a game of shuffleboard and a beer or two. Tim Rafe, the guy who yelled "How far would you go?" to Trudeau. One night arguing over handgun legislation, Tim put his fist through the window next to his seat.
    It all changed . The news bureaux faded into huge TOronto run remote control zombies... the Parliamentary press Gallery is peopled by dirt poor freelancers and bearded Marxists now, and the black and white pictures upon the walls of those who have gone before are only dimly remembered by the new breed of Ryerson dropouts. Time was, the very best of Journalists didn't have a degree... now they have to be shaped and molded before they're allowed to write. what bull crap.In the Gallery is a stone fireplace with the words carved: "...and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, makes thousands, perhaps millions think."

  • At Wed. Jan. 10, 05:17:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Mike in Manotick said…

    Not to worry ... they'll switch to crack and heroin ... probaby cheaper ... plus pipes and needles are free in Ottawa ... and they even DELIVER - just like Pizza Pizza!!!



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