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Friday, December 22, 2006

Duceppe campaigning for Harper

How else can you explain what's been going on for the last month? Each and every time Messr. Duceppe has opened his mouth, he's been outflanked by the Right Honourable Stephen Harper. The Nation motion, and now the Afghan non-Non-Confidence motion.

The more he bumbles, the better Harper looks in Quebec... a place where we really need credibility right now. And now, the Montreal Gazette has piped up in an article entitled "Duceppe has humiliated himself on Afghanistan".

"Sovereignist leaders love to discover cases in which Quebec is "humiliated" by Ottawa. But in this case Duceppe has humiliated himself, in the process lending credibility to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's contention that Duceppe and the Bloc are "playing political games on the backs of our soldiers."

"Whatever your view on the merits of the Afghan mission - and we believe firmly in this effort - it is hard to deny that the Conservatives alone have stuck to one principled position. Harper has displayed backbone and integrity in staking his political career on the Afghan operation."
h/t to Dr. Roy.


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