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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another FAA Consession?

UPDATE: Yes, I realize I misspelt "Concession"... oops.

Just was informed that the Federal Accountability Act may have had yet another change, perhaps another consession to the Liberal Party of Canada in order to get it passed... individuals can contribute $1000 a year to a Federal Party, and ANOTHER $1000 to any combination of riding associations, nomination contestants, or candidates.

For a total of $2000 a year... not the originally proposed $1000. (and up to $3000 in a year in which a leadership race falls, if they contribute to a leadership candidate)

Here's one portion of the Act:
Canada Elections Act
Amendments to Act

46. (1) Subsection 405(1) of the Act is replaced by the following:

405. (1) No individual shall make contributions that exceed

(a) $1,000 in total in any calendar year to a particular registered party;

(a.1) $1,000 in total in any calendar year to the registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates of a particular registered party;

(b) $1,000 in total to a candidate for a particular election who is not the candidate of a registered party; and

(c) $1,000 in total to the leadership contestants in a particular leadership contest.
Grrr... did the Liberals manage hijack the FAA to ensure at least a trickle of money from their big donors?

(NOTE: This is based on the text of the House of Commons passed version, the Royal Assent version is not yet available online)


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