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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

C-2, the FAA - Not Retroactive?

I've been skimming the text of the Bill, and I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed or heard anything about the retroactive nature of the bill... I can't seem to find anything related to campaign and leadership contributions made in 2006. Remember the rumors that Liberals were screaming over that little fact? (Calgary Grit even got in on the act)

Could that have been the price to stop Liberal stonewalling?

In other words, did the Liberals hold up the Bill simply so they could cash in?

If so, doesn't that mean that the Liberal Party of Canada has once again screwed taxpayers because of the related tax reciepts that will have to be issued to their deep pocket contributors? (Not to mention the Leadership related costs!)

If anyone (Libloggers included) can show me the related portion of the Bill indicating that the Bill is still retroactive, I'll gladly withdraw these comments. Here's the link.


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