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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ontario... Yours to Figure Out

...cause I sure can't figure them out! From the Toronto Star:
Ontario Liberals top poll: Election seems McGuinty's to lose, pollster says

Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals appear to have weathered recent political problems and hold a comfortable lead over the Progressive Conservatives led by John Tory, a new poll suggests.

The Toronto Star-EKOS Research Associates survey shows the Liberals at 42.4 per cent to the Conservatives' 36.2 per cent with Howard Hampton's New Democrats surging to 19.6 per cent.
New Ontario motto... "Promises made, promises broken... but we'll re-elect them anyway!"

Fortunately, there's a sliver lining in the Frank Graves (the pollster's) comments... "If the economy stays strong — particularly the labour market — I think they'll be very difficult to dislodge."

That's the catch... the labour market has started getting WORSE in Ontario recently, just starting in the last couple of months. With the way things have been going in the auto sector and other industries lately, the labour market ISN'T likely to stay stong. Though only a few are actually out of work at this point, with all the recent layoffs that have been announced by the "Big Three" and other sectors (like at Domtar in Cornwall, and locally at ABB and Imperial Tobacco), there is going to be a sudden deluge of unemployed workers out there. But what's really sad is that it is going to take these thousands of layoffs to wake up the province.

Well, here's to next October 4... only 344 more sleeps!


  • At Wed. Oct. 25, 09:06:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Fergy said…

    The problem is John Tory is as bad as McGuinty. Tory doesn't have a bad record as a leader, but everything that comes out of his mouth is negative. I see no solutions just calling for commissions to spend more (I'm thinking of Caledonia, he has proven himself as spineless as McGuinty) It's like trying to figure out which one is least bad to vote for. And for all his last name, sorry no, I don't consider Tory much of a Tory.

  • At Sat. Oct. 28, 06:33:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger vicki said…

    I agree with fergy. I will not vote for the Libs...but I would like to see in the next 344 days a reason to vote for the Provincial Conservatives.
    The western Reform movement gathered considerable momentum based on the fact that there was no clear difference in Federal Libs and Federal Progressive Conservatives.The evolution to todays (Federal) Conservative Party of Canada defined great differences so that Canadians could make a clear choice.It is time for a change...perhaps a Provincial Reform Party...

  • At Sat. Oct. 28, 06:44:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Unfortunataly, a split in the Provincial right will devastate us for a generation. Ontario won't vote for a truly right leaning provincial conservative party for the next decade because of "the Harris years". The left/media have convinced voters that those years were bad for the province, so we're out in the wilderness on the provincial level for a while.

    Toronto is the problem, as they won't vote for a Harris clone right now. But they supported Tory for Mayor in droves, he didn't lose to Miller by that big a margin. That's why we have to stay more central right now, as opposed to the near left Libs of Dalton, and the far left NDP. John Tory is the best man to rebuild the party over the next few years.


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