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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Justice DONE

Cudos to our men and women in uniform, who patrol our streets, who seek to keep us safe, and serve to ensure that justice is done when we are wronged.

No details are public yet, but CTV in KW just announced minutes ago that four men were arrested today, in connection with a dispicable home invasion in April 2005, that left a young man near death's door.

That young man was the older brother/son of several friends of mine. (I know the rest of the family well but never knew him personally, as he had moved away from home before I met them) A nice young guy, who had many friends, and no known enemies. Reports at the time were that the attack was one of mistaken identity.

That young man has made a remarkable recovery. The family was told, after he'd been in a coma for about about a month, that his chances were not good. Even if he woke up, they were told that due to his head injuries, he'd be badly disabled.

Well, he just got his drivers license back last week... and bought a new car. He's moving back into his own home likely next month.

A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow. I'll post the details as they are released. An 18-month ordeal is ending another chapter.

Thanks again to our local police services.


  • At Fri. Oct. 20, 02:14:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just came acros your blog this evening, and I had to tell you how much I enjoy it. I, too, am Canadian, Christian and Conservative. God bless you!


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