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Friday, October 13, 2006

New OPP Chief Fantino - Props to Dalton

Dalton McGunity has made a stunning choice for the new OPP Chief... former Toronto top cop Julian Fantino.

I say stunning, because I'm shocked that Mr. McGunity would select such a "Law and Order" kind of guy... it's the sort of appointment that you'd expect a Tory to make, not a Liberal. Perhaps a pre-election move?

Regardless, I give Dalton props for the move. After the ineffectiveness of the previous OPP chief, I know I'll sleep better having someone who will actually enforce the law running the show in this province.

Oh, will you look at that... the editorial board of the Toronto Star thinks he's a poor choice. I'm liking this appointment even more now!!!

h/t to Mark C. of "Daimnation!".


  • At Fri. Oct. 13, 01:31:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous drew said…

    I'm not sure how someone could see having Fantino in charge of anything as a good idea, except perhaps for people who are fond of police states which I have no doubt he'd turn us into if he had the authority to, but to each their own I suppose.

  • At Mon. Oct. 16, 09:08:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger loumar said…

    I am happy with Fantino as the new OPP chief. I read he was appointed to deter him from running against Sorbara in the next provincial elections. A classic example of "keeping your friends close and your (perceived) enemies closer". Anyway Fantino would not make a good politician. He gave a speech to the Empire Club on May 18, 2000 and I understood what he was saying. No doublespeak or rhetoric. He advocates automatic 10 year sentences for gun crimes and is not enamoured with the gun registry, My kind of guy. His qualifications, drawn from policing at the street level and promotions to progressively responsible positions are impressive. For once I can say "Thank you Premier McGuinty".


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