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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Support a good work in Rwanda

My sister has been involved for the last couple of years with a really neat ministry called "NuVision Ministries", based out of Rwanda. They've just started a blog, so I'm giving them a shameless plug. (hey, 50,000 people a day, on average, read the posts on "The Blogging Tories", so I figured it's a good means of spreading the word...)

It was started by Evelyn and Martin Razanga (no clue if I spelled the last name right), two natives of Rwanda. They were in Canada attending school when the genocide occured in the 1990's, and after everything settled down, returned to determine what had come of their families. (If I remember correctly, they had all survived) As Martin had graduated school as an optician, he and his wife set about to do their part in helping to rebuild the nation.

Over time, it developed into NuVision Ministries. They have obtained land, and through donations from Canada and the US, have been able to build a school, and set up regular and stable funding for support for the children attending.

My sister assisted them on a building team in 2004, and is joining another team this summer. Another friend of mine, Jordan, has just left for Rwanda to help co-ordinate all the summer teams, and my former employer, Dr. Ronald Phillips, will be going over for several weeks to provide his optometric services through the ministry, as they are in extremely short supply over there. (people line up for hours, sometimes for a day or two, for Martin to examine them... and he's only an optician!)

So, if you're looking for something good to put your support behind, here's one more way that you might want to consider.

Check out their blog... Nu-Vision August Work Team Blog.


  • At Wed. Jul. 05, 11:07:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Over decades the envolvement by western nations in the affairs of africa have been for naught and have resulted in blacks attacking those who have brought aid and expertise to africa.When whites established industries and agriculture bringing law and order and prosperity and they were in short order expelled or murdered ( belgian congo, rhodesia ,south africa,kenya,etc.)because blacks thought they could keep all the benefits that whites brought them without detriment to themselves.
    Western aid has only increased the rate of fornication to produce more hungry mouths who do not contribute to their own welbeing.
    I suggest to leave africa to its own devices.

  • At Thu. Jul. 06, 12:17:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Ally said…

    To the anonymous writer:

    I am incredibly biased on the topic of Africa, having been there, and fallen in love with the country of Rwanda. But I will try and share why it's something that I find worthy of my dedication.

    I can argue with Western involvement in Africa on both sides, positive and negative. I will try to dwell on the positive that I see going on now, and not the negative that has especially happened in the past. In a lot of ways, North American involvment has been very successful in implementing anti-HIV/AIDS programs independently, and in conjunction with, local governments, NGO's, and interest groups that already exist in communities within Africa.

    I don't believe in meddling unduly in their affairs, but on the flipside I do not believe it's right to allow them to wallow in poverty. Western influence should be empowering, not impoverishing. We as North Americaners have had a poor track record in this, but there is good that is happening in sometimes under-reported pockets.

    Nu-Vision is awesome becuase it is based in Rwanda and run by Rwandans, they know the needs that people have-education, as far as schooling, and HIV/AIDS education, optical care to a country that has a total of two optical offices (one of them being Martin's).

    I want to keep this brief and positive, but just to consider-the hands of the Western World are not clean as far as involvement in Africa. Whether it be through exploitation, or neglect, they are not innocent.

    There are however individuals, and organizations that are changing lives for the better, and imporving the lives of people in Africa. I know that Nu-Vision is one of those organizations, and I hope to be one of those individuals.


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