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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Libs still think Harper "Scary"

I love getting these e-mails from the Liberal Party of Canada... they're so fun to pick appart!

So much of it sounds desperate... almost as if they're begging for support. It's also full of the anti-US rhetoric that Canadians have said they're sick of, so I don't know who's cause they're helping by continuing to employ such language. (likely appealing to their "base"... PUN!)

At the bottom, it says "Please feel free to forward this to all your friends".

Well, friends, here you go!
From the Desk of the National Director
Dear Liberal Friend, (LOL! If you only knew...)

Please take a moment to read below, and consider what you are willing to do for Canadian democracy. (Ready and willing... to stop you at all costs!)

In the last 100 days, The Stephen Harper Government has put forward a series of policies that are seriously impeding Canada’s ability to be a sovereign nation. (Say what?) Under the smoke and mirrors of tax cuts and half-hearted subsidies, Mr. Harper is aligning Canadian policy with that of George Bush’s United States. (Here we go again... anti-Americanism still reigns supreme with the Libs... care to comment Iggy?)

(Oh, I love this part!)Which of these Harper policies do you think most aligns Canada with George Bush’s United States?

1) Cancelling Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Accord
2) Assigning Fixed Election Dates
3) Catering to the NRA-style gun lobby
4) Destroying the Kelowna Accord
5) Tax increases for the poor, and tax cuts for the rich
6) Arming Canada’s Borders
7) Bowing to US Softwood Lumber Demands

(Oooh! Oooh! I'll pick #6 for $200 Alex... er, Steve...)
(Let's go through these one by one, shall we? 1) Kyoto doesn't work, got it? Why stay committed to something you committed us to, then never did anything about, which isn't going to reduce global emissions anyway? 2) Fixed election dates... why is that so bad? 3) We're not catering to the NRA, we're supporting our law-abiding farmers, sport shooters and collectors, who you keep on persecuting, moron! 4) Just looking for results... you only signed it in the dying days of your government in order to beat us over the head with it... like all previous agreements, YOU HAD NO INTENTION OF KEEPING IT YOURSELF!!! 5) Say what? Amm, news flash, GST was cut three days ago... the one tax ALL Canadians pay, rich or poor... your "tax cuts" didn't help ANYONE who is currently below the income tax threshold... ours did. 6) Allowing our border guards to protect themselves is tanamount to becoming American? 7) Amm, $4,000,000,000 to be returned is "bowing to their demands"???)

Seven policies: Seven steps towards a Republican Canada.

It’s time to shine a spotlight on Stephen Harper’s real agenda. More than ever, the Liberal Party of Canada needs your help to defeat this emerging threat. (Yep, the "Hidden Agenda" is being implemented)

Here are some ways you can make a difference right now:

1) MAKE A DONATION TODAY to the Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberal Party of Canada needs your immediate support. Your tax-deductible donation will help communicate our strong opposition to Stephen Harper’s pillaging of Canada’s values. Your donation will also support important initiatives, like:

Supporting grassroots movements in your Community
Communicating with Canadians
Researching issues that are important to the future of Canada
A donation of as little as $20 is all that stands between a compassionate society, and the continuing smoke and mirror campaign of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

Click here to make a donation right now.
(No thanks, I already made thousands of dollars of donations via your Party's policy of theft...)

2) Contact your Member of Parliament

To make democracy work in Canada’s 21st century, more Canadians must engage politicians. Elected representatives need to hear from the people of this great Country. It’s essential that Canadians let their politicians know what is important before it’s too late. Without your voice, Stephen Harper’s approach to governing will remain in the hands of big business, special-interest groups, and foreign nations. To find the contact information of your member of parliament, click here.

3) Get involved in Politics – Become a Member of the Liberal Party of Canada

Donate your time and share your ideas. Liberal Associations exist in every riding in Canada. These Associations are comprised of people with similar political views as yours. Contact your local riding representative, and get involved today. You will quickly see how one person can make a difference in the direction of the country. (Sure, I'd love to get involved... but your Constitution forbids anyone who's a member of another Party from joining... sorry!)

To have your say in the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, you must become a member of the Liberal Party no later than Tuesday, July 4, 2006, at 5 PM local time. Click here to sign up today.


Canada requires Canadians to be engaged in the political process. (I am, thanks)

The Liberal Party of Canada requires Canadians to support its movement. (Why? You never listen to us anyway!)

Without donations from people like you, Canada’s political process will have one less voice. (If it's yours that's "one less voice", YIPPIE! Let the NDP take a crack at being the voice of the Left)

Please donate today, and make Canada stronger. (I did donate... to the CPC)


Steven MacKinnon
National Director of the Liberal Party of Canada

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to a friend.(YOU GOT IT!!!)


  • At Tue. Jul. 04, 01:38:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Toronto Tory said…


    The Liberals are really sounding like losers now...

  • At Tue. Jul. 04, 05:58:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger SouthernOntarioan said…

    Isn't that the same Steve MacKinnon who makes all those statements concerning convention fees?

    Do you think they'll realize that they Bush isn't running for election in Canada?

  • At Tue. Jul. 04, 07:52:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous jgriffin said…

    Is this one of those cases where truth is way stranger than fiction?

  • At Wed. Jul. 05, 12:47:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Dirk said…

    Communiques to party faithful like this are too easy to pick apart. It's like stealing candy from a baby. I can't believe we actually have party faithful left that actually tolerate this kind of condescending junk. And yes, I mean all parties -- I've seen stuff like this from all major parties, except the BQ. And in the latter case, I haven't seen it because I can't read French and I haven't looked.

    Anyhoo... I did read through the whole thing, and I've got to take issue with one statement:
    "(No thanks, I already made thousands of dollars of donations via your Party's policy of theft...)"

    I've read all the sponsorship documentation that I'm sure you did as well, and to say that the party, and not individuals in the party, made it a policy to steal is dishonest.

    Also, I'm interested where you get the "thousands of dollars" figure.


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