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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A revolting farce of "Justice"

Kill a man, and you go to jail... FOR A DAY.

And then the Supreme Court of Canda refuses to overturn the sentence. Unacceptable. (NOTE: there were two cases before the court, I'm referring to the one where murder was involved)

How's this for a quote:
The top court on Thursday ruled 7-0 that general deterrence has no place in sentencing youths under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, but backed the lower court sentences in both cases.
You guys ever stop to wonder WHY we have so much youth crime? THERE IS NO FEAR OF THE REPROCUSSIONS.

I know. I remember the discussions in my OAC Law classes, and the recognition by the students that until age 18, you've got it made... there is little or no fear of the Law by today's youth.

Do the crime... hey, relax man, no worries... you won't have to do any time.

Disgusting. I vote that we bring back one of Mike Harris' ideas... BOOT CAMP.

h/t to Steve Janke


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